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Intrams formally opened
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Written by Charliene Alexie Deliva (Blue&Gold Staff); Photos by Mr. Richard Lian Canxing   


Intrams OpeningThe school’s year-long Intramurals formally started with a grandiose opening on July 13, 2012 at the Ateneo de Naga High School Covered Courts.


The lively and charged opening rites commenced with the lighting of the Intramurals Torch by relay race winner Joy Pornillos (girls division). Then Tom Aspe and Dominic Perez (boys division) led the entire student body in the Oath of Sportsmanship. Pornillos, Aspe and Perez are all from 4324 and the winners of the relay race conducted days before the opening. The relay race replaced the customary marathon which has highlighted the intramurals opening since then.


2Student Government President Jennae Jereza and Mr. Gregorio Re Abonal, Principal, delivered their respective messages before all the learning groups prepared to awaited cheer-and-dance competition.


As the initial rite is concluded, the cheer-and-dance competition filled the air with oozing energy. Each learning group presented a five-minute combination of modern dance and yells. As the sophomores started, they stunned the student body with their feisty cheers. They were followed by the juniors, freshmen and seniors respectively.


The recently concluded opening had TRENDING as central theme. Class team names, class T-shirt designs, and the class cheers and yells focused on the theme.


13The intrams opening was organized by the officers of the Student Government Organization (SGO) and the teachers of the Physical Education Health and Music (PEHM) Department.


Unlike most intramurals of other schools, the Ateneo’s version of athletic games is a year-long event with games among learning groups happening once in a week every afternoon. The games are overseen by the PEHM Department.








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